Sunday, April 22, 2007

La Caja China

I was watching the Food Network last week and saw this intersting contraption called a "Caja China" featured on Bobby Flay's show. La Caja China was a Chinese cabinet that was brought to Cuba by Chinese immigrants that Cuban street vendors turned into a grill. Sort of a cultural cooking mash-up if you will. La Caja China is a box that has a rack of coals on top that roasts meat inside the box in about half the time as on a spit. La Caja China is an intersting concept, and comes highly recommended from some of the best chefs around.

I'm I think I'm going to buy one and try roasting a pig and a chicken for a backyard bbq. I'll take photos of the whole experience and post them here later this summer.

Check out La Caja China for yourself:

And if any of you out there have used a Caja China please post about your experiences!

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