Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Ovo's Magic Huevos

Ovo's Magic Huevos is more a philosophy to cooking eggs then it is a hard and fast recipe.

When my good friend Kyle was living in Germany for a year writing his dissertation, he ended up living with a famous German drag queen and actress, Ovo Maltine. Ovo Maltine roughly translates to "Ovaltine", which is pretty hilarious.

Anyhow, Ovo would come home from the clubs and cook scrambled eggs for everyone who lived in the house by dumping whatever leftovers were in the fridge in with the eggs and scrambling it all together. Many delicious concotions resulted, and many leftovers that otherwise would have gone bad were used up.

When Kyle returned from Germany we started cooking eggs this way. I found it to be quite liberating, and ended up using some ingredients in scrambled eggs I never otherwise would have used.

One of my favorites was eggs with black beans, leftover salsa, crushed tortilla chips, and cheddar cheese. I used to make this one a lot when I lived in San Francisco and would have leftover chips and salsa from my Mission burritos, which was especially yummy since the salsa verde there is made with fresh avocado.

Another favorite was eggs with garlic, red pepper, and sausage sprinkled with fresh cilantro and a good dusting of turmeric. This looks bizarre but was quite yummy.

In the picture below I used some leftover ham, scallions, leftover shitake mushrooms, and cheddar cheese. Very delicious.

I encourage you to be more adventurous with your scrambled eggs. Throw in that leftover chili. Throw in the roasted chicken and leftover stuffing. Give it a shot. Do it for Ovo, who sadly is no longer with us.

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